A 7 month journey from Lazy Bum to IRONMAN 70.3



What an amazing experience this has been!  7 months ago I had a hard time imagining I would ever be writing this post, or that I would feel as awesome as I do today!  I have accomplished something which most people cannot even imagine.  I thinks a co-worker said it best: "Congrats my man, that is insane!  I don't even think I could sleep for 7 hours and 27 minutes!"

That's right, I completed my first ever race, an IRONMAN 70.3, in 7 hours and 27 minutes!  I was shooting for 6:45, and obviously didn't make it, but finished none the less and couldn't be happier!  While I was in the water, I would have sworn the swim took over an hour, but was pleasantly surprised with 35:29.  I had some issues on the bike and had to hit each aide station for a pit-stop, but kept on moving at a good pace and finished in 3:23:27.  Unfortunately my quads cramped up pretty bad and I ended up having to take it easy on the run, which took me 3:15:27, clearly the weak point of my race day.  However, I still cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment as I crossed the finish line, greeted by Hilary and Rob!

Now for the details of my IRONMAN weekend!

The entire weekend was awesome, spent with a great group of people!  Hilary and I have made friends from around the world, and finally met in person those whom we have been talking to via e-mail, text, Facebook for the past 7 months!  From the athlete check-in, expo, shopping, eating and drinking, we made our way around the city!  We even had to hit a couple of bike shops for last minute repairs!  Rob lost a pedal during shipping and my front derailer broke off the night before the race.  (ALWAYS take a test ride prior to race day!)  Luckily all repairs were made and our bikes held up for the race!  Hilary and the ladies surprised us all with custom made shirts! (the back has our names (TEAM MILLER), etc)